About Cadogan Pier

Cadogan Pier is located in the heart of Chelsea. Cadogan Pier Limited owns and manages the pier. Our experienced team is responsible for day to day management of the Pier with a keen focus on ensuring our boat owners, commuters and visitors have a safe and enjoyable river experience.

The team are now looking at plans to completely regenerate the Pier to ensure it’s longevity for years to come.

In an ever busier and over stretched road system they want to encourage more visitors and commuters to enjoy the wonders and opportunities provided by the River Thames. They would also like to provide commuters and visitors to and from Chelsea with an enhanced experience that more closely matches travel offered by other forms of transport. In the past two years, the company has invested in excess of £1m in upgrading and improving the safety, lighting and maintenance of the Pier. 2016 is the 175th anniversary of Cadogan Pier. With an ongoing programme of investment in the infrastructure we should be able to secure its future for both residents and commuters for the next 175 years.